Monday, December 24, 2007


Ooops ... and Merry Christmas

Hey, all is cool here. But a brief explanation might be necessary:

The other day, totally out of boredom and without an original thought in my head, I found myself listening to Gov't Mule and throwing together HTML pages based on some of their lyrics. Nothing major, just clip-art and snippets of songs, etc. One of the ones I threw together was based on the themes from the awesome, rockin', (but lyrically morbid) song "Larger Than Life." For no particular reason I decided to save that page ... and when I did I accidentally saved it over the main index page for SouthCon.

So if you visited this blog in the last couple of days, you saw an image of a Mayan deathmask, accompanied by some cynical, angry lyrics about religion. Merry Christmas, huh?

Anyway, I fixed it this morning. All is well, and I hope everyone has a wonderful long Holiday weekend. Cheers!

PS - as the Christmas madness finally comes to a stop, I hope to find myself with more time for blogging in the next week or so. So I'll be back, posting my usual BS pretty soon. Talk to you then.

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