Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Steele and Thompson and Gingrich, Oh My

My long time favorite politician, Michael Steele, is apparently campaigning to become the Chairman of the RNC. There's a lot of buzz about his efforts on the net; there's even a Draft Michael Steele website.

As you might guess, I'm pretty excited about the idea of the GOP having Mike at the wheel.

Other politicians are reportedly interested, too. I've read that Fred Thompson might like the gig. I was an early supporter of Thompson's Presidential bid ... until he proved to me that he was basically too lazy and indifferent to really campaign. Fred doesn't deserve to be the chairman of the RNC (or anything else) at this point.

There are also rumors about Newt Gingrich. Some say he's interested in the chair, some say he's not interested. As of now the most reliable reports seem to be the ones that indicate that Newt isn't interested ... and that he is, in fact, working with Mike Steele on the platform.

I like Newt, but he's not consistent. He opposed the recent bank bail-out at first, and his arguments were solid. Then he reluctantly flip-flopped and supported the thing at the last minute. Plus, Newt would have to shut up about "global warming" before I'd get enthusiastic about his leadership.

Newt and I do agree, though, about why the GOP lost last week's elections. In a nutshell, although I'm not convinced that Newt is the best choice to lead the party, he is usually a reliable conservative and I hope he'll continue to have a voice in the Republican Party's (hoped-for) rebirth.

Meanwhile, Mike Steele kicks ass! I think he'll be a much needed shot in the arm for the Republicans.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Fred "Meat" Thompson

Just watched Thompson's speech. Loved it. But now I can't concentrate on Lieberman, and I love Joe Lieberman. It's just that Thompson handed me a totally full, totally delicious plate!

We were promised a heapin' helpin' of red meat, and Fred came through. In spades.

If he'd had that kind of spirit some months ago maybe we'd have heard McCain throwing the read meat before the GOP nominates Thompson.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


A Very Useful Political Site is a very useful website with regard to the 2008 election. It seems to be totally neutral, it contains (and links to) a wealth of information, and it's just plain fun.

We've all seen those internet quizzes designed to assess your political leanings in twenty questions or less. Most of them, in my opinion, are unreliable. The thing that sets apart is that it assesses your political priorities and then compares them to the articulated positions of the political candidates, complete with quotes, congressional vote information and links to outside sources.

Here's how Glassbooth compares me to McCain, Obama and Nader on the issues:

If you click that graphic you'll see the detailed analysis of my positions vis a vis the presidential candidates.

At Glassbooth you can also see how you compare to the candidates who've dropped out of the race. I wasn't surprised to see that I line up with Fred Thompson on more issues than I do with any other candidate. He was the guy I initially supported.

I wasn't surprised to see that I compare least favorably with John Edwards. I've considered him the most liberal Presidential candidate in the last two Presidential elections.

I wish that Maryland's former Lieutenant Governor Mike Steele was on the list of politicians you can compare/contrast yourself with at Glassbooth. I've been saying for some time now that I'd like to see him run for President. From what I can tell, he and I agree on literally every issue. I'd enjoy seeing if Glasshouse supports my hypothesis.

And I was surprised to see that I apparently somewhat agree with Obama on more issues than I realized.

The real shock, though, was learning that Ron Paul and I aren't that different. For a while now I've considered Paul and his supporters to be very flaky. Maybe I should have learned more about him before I disregarded his candidacy.

Of course, each of us, no matter what we consider ourselves, is a hodgepodge of political opinion. I call myself a conservative, but if you were to meet me and if you and I were to only discuss the death penalty, immigration and marijuana legalization, you'd think me to be a left winger.

Fun. Interesting and informative, too. And I may have even learned a little bit about myself. I'm actually more liberal than Ralph Nader in at least one area!

If you use Glassbooth for a personal assessment, please share your opinion with me ... in the comments here, or in your own blog if you keep one.

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Monday, September 10, 2007


Campaign Tunes

Now that Fred Thompson is officially in the 2008 Presidential race, the big question on everyone's mind is, of course, what's his campaign theme song going to be?

I think we were all underwhelmed in June when Hillary Clinton announced that her official campaign theme song was going to be You And I by Celine Dion … a song that I don't think I've ever even heard. Which is surprising, since Celine's had about a thousand hits and I thought I'd heard most of them.

A search for campaign theme songs at Google brings up very little, and most of what does come up involves Hillary and that Celine song, anyway. So considering that most of the people running for POTUS in '08 don't seem that concerned about their theme music, I thought I'd make a few suggestions.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007


'Bout Time

I'd gotten tired of waiting for this:

After months of not-so-coy will-he-or-won't-he political flirtation, Fred Thompson has finally and officially announced that he is a candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

"I am running for president of the United States," he said during a taping of NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Wednesday evening, drawing applause and cheers from the audience.

I think Fred's campaign would have been better served by announcing earlier and participating in the GOP debate ... but either way I'm glad he stopped the feet-dragging, which had become tiresome. I still think Thompson is the guy I'm most comfortable supporting and I look forward to the next few months of politickin'.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


News N' Such

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


News And Other Such Junk

A few items from the news that I thought were worth mentioning:

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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Ugly News About Thompson

The, um, objective and unbiased reporters in the MSM are really starting to get vicious about Fred Thompson. Check out this churlish item from ABC News:
Fred Thompson, a likely Republican presidential candidate, on Tuesday defended his work as a Washington lobbyist, telling The Associated Press that lobbying is an important part of life because "government's got their hands in everything."

...Thompson, who likes to cast himself as a political outsider, earned more than $1 million lobbying the federal government for more than 20 years. He lobbied for a savings-and-loan deregulation bill that helped hasten the industry's collapse and a failed nuclear energy project that cost taxpayers more than a billion dollars.

He also was a lobbyist for deposed Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who was widely criticized for endorsing "necklacing," the gruesome practice of execution where gasoline-soaked tires are thrown over a person's neck and set ablaze.

Good Lord! Sounds terrible. Reading that did give me pause, I have to admit. I'm glad to see, though, that Thompson brushes the charges off at his blog. His response is an audio file and you can load it in a new window by clicking here.

I wish, though, that he'd be a little more specific about these charges. (Give me specific info I can use to defend your {almost} campaign, Senator Thompson. Those charges are really ugly.) I've become a Thompson booster of late and I'm only inches away from that all-important Official SouthCon Endorsement. I'd like to have reason to believe, though, that Thompson hasn't really worked shamelessly for Haitian dictators before I put up the old "Thompson '08" banner in my sidebar.

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Friday, June 22, 2007


Hits On Thompson

The lefties must be trembling a bit about Fred Thompson, since the "vast left-wing conspiracy" against him is kicking into high gear.

Classic smear politics; the first strike is to try to separate Candidate X from Candidate X's base. The lefties are trying hard to drive a wedge between Thompson and conservatives. Newsweek recently ran a story about Thompson in which they indicated that he was soft on core conservative issues, like abortion and campaign finance.

But as Andy Selepak points out for Accuracy In Media, it ain't necessarily so:

According to Newsweek, ... Thompson's answers to a number of surveys in office "could be viewed as supporting abortion rights."

What exactly were his pro-abortion responses he made on these surveys? According to Newsweek, "on a 1994 Eagle Forum survey, Thompson said he opposed criminalizing abortion."

You mean that Thompson doesn't want every woman who's had an abortion thrown in jail? GASP! Well, he just can't really be a conservative pro-lifer! I mean, EVERYBODY knows that all us conservative pro-lifers want every woman who's had an abortion thrown in jail!

Except that we don't. But, of course, since that's what the media says about us, that's what the lefties all believe ... and, of course, they think that Thompson's unwillingness to throw women who've already been through the heartbreak of abortion into prison simply must mean that he's at odds with the pro-life movement.

Nice try, Newsweek, but if you're going to try to imply that Thompson doesn't share our pro-life values, you oughta learn just what pro-life values actually are.

Selepak continues:

Thompson's view about when life begins has also evolved since 1994. Newsweek reported that in a recent Fox News interview he said "he's always been against abortion, but that the issue has 'meant a little more' since he saw the sonogram of his 3-year-old daughter." Thompson added in the interview, "I'll never feel that same way again. Not only is it in my head, it's in my heart now."

In the end, the article acknowledged that his Senate voting record included votes to block federal funding for abortions and in support of a partial-birth-abortion ban. The National Right to Life organization gave him a 100 percent rating.

Wow, accuracy from Newsweek. Wonders never cease.

The article attempts to tarnish his campaign before it even starts, in the eyes of Republican voters, by portraying him as anti-conservative. But Thompson isn't pro-abortion and never has been. He has expressed concerns about his vote on McCain-Feingold, and in refusing to play partisan politics in a corruption investigation, Thompson showed the signs of a fair and decent man―the qualities admired in a leader by both conservatives and liberals.

Thompson may not be a "southern-fried Reagan," but he is definitely not Newsweek's mis-portrayal of him either. Like all candidates, the American people still need to learn more to determine who should be the next president. But, what the American people don't need is a misinformation campaign by the media to take down a candidate because he could defeat the Democratic nominee.

Step one in the Thompson attack schedule is going to fail because conservatives know more about our own people than lefties do. Step two will be the usual scare tactics: "Thompson wants to take away all civil liberties, throw old people into a ditch to die and reinstate the draft!" You watch and see.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Go Ahead, Fred!

I like the looks of this:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson earning support from 28% of Likely Republican Primary Voters. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani attracts support from 27%. While Thompson’s one-point edge is statistically insignificant, it is the first time all year that anybody but Giuliani has been on top...

Yeah, my support for Thompson is growing exponentially. The more I learn about the guy, the better I like his (soon to be) campaign.

Meanwhile, Kristine has a Hillary video with a cringe factor of about 15 on a ten scale. Geez, Billary is the creepiest celebrity couple in history.

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Monday, June 18, 2007


Found My Candidate?

I've been pretty ambivalent about the current crop of Presidential hopefuls. Believe it or not, I would consider voting for a Democrat if he talked sense and was reliable on ..... Oh, what the hell am I saying? A Democrat talking sense??!? Ha ha!

Anyway, the current crop of Republican candidates all strike me as a pretty lame crew, but one guy who is about to announce his candidacy seems to be speaking my language.

The more I hear about Fred Thompson and from Fred Thompson, the more I like him. I can really see me supporting the guy eventually.

Here's a YouTube clip, Thompson with Chris Wallace a while back:

Now, granted, I have my days of disgust with the war in Iraq, and I sometimes throw up my hands and say "It's not worth it, bring the boys home." I realize, though, on a deeper level, that we can't abandon Iraq. It's just difficult to stay focused on reality when all you hear day in and day out is gloom and doom. I admit, I had a MSM relapse earlier this month and started getting my news from network TV again. It was a mistake, it won't happen again. Not everyone reporting on Iraq has the same bias and the same agenda as the MSM and those in DC and in the Green Zone.

Ultimately, though, I think I just wrote my "abandon Iraq" post on a grouchy day.

Anyway, I think Thompson could both make sound decisions on Iraq and communicate them to the American people much better than the current President. That might be part of the problem; maybe most of the problem: Dubya just can't communicate.

Thompson's positions are solid conservative common sense on the other issues, such as taxes, abortion, stem cell research, abortion, commerce, immigration, abortion, gun rights, abortion, abortion, trade and abortion. (I admit, I often tend to be a one-issue voter. As much as I like Rudy Giuliani, I could never vote for him.)

The only thing I disagree with Thompson on is the death penalty. He supports it. And, let's face it, until my personal pick for the ultimate candidate (Michael Steele) decides to run, solid conservatives who oppose the death penalty are gonna be hard to find.

Anyway, yeah, Thompson is solid. Hopefully he'll announce soon. If you want to check into his record and opinions, here are some good resources:

Fred Thompson's YouTube Channel

I'm With Fred (Close to an official campaign page)

Fred Heads

Draft Fred Thompson (A discussion board)

The Fred Thompson Report (Thompson's ABC Radio podcast)

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