Saturday, December 06, 2008


O'Reilly Vs. Kelly Re: Atheists

This got my attention:

Link: Or kelly

Just a few comments:

O'Reilly is a dick. He's always been a dick, he'll always be a dick. The guy is just abrasive and unpleasant and I think he'd be about as much fun to be around as a cranky, senile, infected, knife-welding crackhead.

Megyn Kelly, as usual, is reasonable, well spoken, attractive and right. She really is my favorite talking head. As such, she now deserves her own tag here at SouthCon.

I'm offended by the atheist sign, too. But that's the point. Aren't Christians supposed to be the persecuted ones? Didn't that one guy tell Christians to expect persecution ... even to take comfort in it, for the world will hate you just as it hated him? You know, that one guy, that Jesus fellow. He's still got something to do with Christianity, right? As opposed to O'Reilly? Ya know?

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Happy Birthday, Megyn Kelly

Wendy and I are both big fans of Megyn Kelly. I like her because of the way she goes after weasels in interview segments:

The fact that she's clearly conservative (if I read her correctly), smart as a tack and friggin' gorgeous doesn't hurt, either.

Today Drew at Ace Of Spades HQ reported that Maxim had named Megyn the second hottest news anchor on TV. (The first hottest is some lady named Amy who is kinda cute. You'll have to go to Maxim yourself to see the list.)

Wendy and I were talking about that a little bit ago and one of us said "I wonder how old Megyn Kelly is, anyway..."

So we went to Wikipedia and looked it up, and whattayaknow? Today is Megyn Kelly's birthday. She's 38 years old today.

So happy birthday, Megyn Kelly. Keep goin' after the weasels and you'll always have a couple of fans in Virginia.

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