Friday, March 13, 2009


The Shovel List: Addendum 04

It's always sad when formerly brilliant people become bitter and hateful and petty in their old age.

(No, I'm not talking about myself, smartass. I've never been brilliant. I get by on my looks.)

The list of people that I'd like to
hit in the face with a shovel* includes:

David Letterman

Here's Letterman just trashing Rush Limbaugh in the ugliest, most unpleasant way:

Ya know, I don't enjoy Limbaugh because he's often hateful and sometimes seems incapable of empathy. It's a little ironic that Letterman has has become just as bad, maybe worse.

So today Dan takes one to the face for a a nasty old windbag who I used to enjoy a whole lot:

*Disclaimer: The author doesn't actually wish physical harm upon anyone on this list, and probably won't feel as pissed off at Letterman as I am right now in ten minutes or so. The author doesn't intend to encourage anyone to actually, physically hit anyone on this list with a shovel. In the event that someone does actually hit anyone on this list with a shovel, the author respectfully insists that the shovel-swinger must not pull some kind of John Hinckley/Jodie Foster deal and say that it was done to impress the author. The author reserves the right, though, to snicker quietly if someone actually does hit someone on this list in the face with a shovel.


Do me a favor, because you've cited his hate speech before - can you give a few (2-3) examples of things Limbaugh has said that were hateful?
The infamous Chelsea Clinton/White House Dog line was just hateful. I mean, come on, she was a 13 year old kid.

Sometimes he mocks people for reasons that have nothing to do with their politics. It seems to me, sometimes, that he's trying to make things personal.

I've mentioned before that I've heard him mock musicians who support libs. Now, mocking their politics would be fine, but he often refers to them as has-beens, also-rans, etc. A lot of time that's just not the case. When he goes off on liberal artists for reasons other than political statements it strikes me as hateful and petty.

And, yeah, I've probably done that exact same thing before, too.

But I'm a hypocrite, like most people, and it only bothers me when other people do the bad things I do.

I don't out-and-out hate Limbaugh. I agree with him much of the time. Most of the time, even. But his presentation just rubs me the wrong way and I don't enjoy his program.

Other people do enjoy his program. to each his own.
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