Saturday, January 03, 2009


The Rattlesnake

I don't really remember where I heard this story, but I think it does us all good to reacquaint ourselves with it's lesson from time to time:

An old Indian woman is out one day, looking for firewood in a heavy snow. After a while she discovers a rattlesnake frozen by the river.

Overcome with compassion, she takes the barely breathing snake home to nurse it back to health. Over the course of long winter months, the woman tends to the snake as though it were a member of her family. She feeds it, keeps it warm, nurses it slowly back to health. Eventually, the rattlesnake regains is strong again.

One day in early spring, the old woman is cleaning her tee pee and gently picks up the snake to move him out of the way. As she lifts the snake, he spins in her hands and bites her, injecting a lethal dose of poison.

The old woman lays dying on the floor of her tee pee. Wracked with emotional and physical pain, she asks the snake why it bit her. "How could you do this," she begs. "I saved your life, I brought you into my home and spent all this time tending to you, nursing you and caring for you. Why have you killed me?"

As the snake crawls away, looking for his next victim, he looks back at the old woman and hisses: "You stupid bitch. I am a rattlesnake. You knew that before you saved me in the first place."

I'd really be ahead to remember that lesson. Maybe I'd stop f--king with snakes over and over again.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug?
i've heard this before, but it was a frog helping a scorpion across a river.
I think I also heard a version with a canary riding a crocodile, then picking something out of its teeth, then the croc explaining that it was its nature before chomping down. Once bitten; twice shy isn't a bad lesson to learn...
I understand the story, but wonder why it was important to you to tell it today---maybe I've missed something.
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