Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Lost Has Apparently Crossed The Line

Wendy is finally watching the season premiere of Lost. I'm aware that it's on, but I'm not watching it. I'm websurfing.

At one point a moment ago I heard Wendy say "Oh, now that's just not realistic."

I'm peripherally aware of some of the plot elements that Lost has introduced over the years. Polar bears on tropical islands, gigantic monsters, time travel, conspiracies, magical healings, etc. But Wendy has never blanched at anything they've thrown at her before. So I just had to turn around and ask what had finally impressed her as utterly implausible.

Her response: "Someone just opened a dishwasher and the knives where in there blade-up. Nobody would put knives in a dishwasher blade-up."

I guess there's only so much of this farfetched crap that one person can swallow.

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HAHAHA! I had not thought about that. How true!
Explain to her that Sayid, as a trained Iraqi torturer anticipating an ambush from enemy forces and a character established over the past seasons as being prepared for anything, probably left the knives like that on purpose.

That's great though; I thought you were going to say she had a problem with the timeshifts, which are actually going a long way to explaining every mystery in the series.
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