Friday, September 19, 2008


If Ever I Would Stop Thinking About Music And Politics...

(With apologies to Disposable.)

I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh much because the guy is an asshole. I do agree with a number of his opinions, but he always makes people who believe the things I believe look bad. I can't stand the guy.

Yesterday, though, I decided to turn on Limbaugh's show on the way home from work because, you know, it's close to election day and news stories break every couple of hours.

Anyway, Limbaugh mentioned that the Grateful Dead are going to be doing a reunion show as an Obama benefit and that their guest musicians at the show will include Gregg Allman, Butch Trucks, Jaimoe, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Marc Quinones, Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti.

Limbaugh couldn't even properly pronounce Oteil's last name. Oteil, by the way, is a great bass player. And you might already know how I feel about Warren Haynes and his band Gov't Mule.

Limbaugh dismissed the concert and called everyone involved a bunch of "has-beens."

I'm not sure how Limbaugh defines "has-been," but musicians in the prime of their creativity don't qualify as "has-beens" in my opinion.

I guess you can get away with dismissing the surviving members of the Grateful Dead as "has-beens" because, well, Garcia was the only member of that band with any real talent, anyway. The rest of the band was only good for grating vocals and seven hour drum solos.

But Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks and Oteil Burbridge are at the absolute TOP of their game. Those guys are amazing. Dismissing them as "has-beens" is just another instance of Limbaugh running his mouth about something he doesn't know anything about. I've noticed that he almost always does that when he talks about music or movies ... or anything other than sports or politics.

Besides, 99.999% of the rock musicians in the world are liberals. That's just how it works for some reason. And how much Ted Nugent can a conservative guy listen to before you just never want to hear Stranglehold again? If I wanted to listen to music by reliably conservative musicians I'd be stuck with modern country radio. I'd rather gouge my eyes out.

Oh, and about that bumper-music clip from the Pretenders that Limbaugh has used for years ... I'd bet you anything that Chrissie Hynde is an Obama gal.

I never really liked My City Was Gone, but now it's worse because every time I hear it, about fifteen seconds in I expect to hear some douchebag start ranting about having half his brain tied behind his back.

So I turned off Limbaugh out of disgust and heard on the news how Michelle Obama is urging people not to vote for a candidate just because "she's cute."

A clear swipe at Sarah Palin. Mrs. O tried to say that she was actually referring to "herself," but that means that she's either a transparent liar OR she actually thinks she's on the ticket.

Either way, Michelle Obama is vacuous and obnoxious. I've disliked her for a year and a half now and every time she opens her mouth publicly she gives me yet another reason to dislike her.

Boy, I just can't friggin' wait to hear four years of news stories about this biddy's shenanigans while she's the First Lady.

So then I get home and log onto the net and find out that R. Kelly has been acquitted of the charges against him. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? The guy VIDEO TAPED HIMSELF having sex with underage girls. That video tape WAS EVIDENCE IN THE TRIAL, and he was ACQUITTED? Who was on the jury? Michael Jackson and Jerry Lee Lewis? I guess that would be a jury of his peers, wouldn't it?

Somebody wake me when it's 1986.

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Limbaugh is an arrogant, self-absorbed asshole. I much prefer listening to Jim Quinn or Glenn Beck (when he isn't going on about the end of the world).

Michelle Obama derides people for voting for someone because she is cute, yet how many of her husband's supporters are voting for him because he's black? Yet once again, the black calling the kettle pot.
First of all, I didn't follow the R. Kelly trial closely, but I followed it enough to say that I do believe he did this: he's got a problem and he should have been found guilty.
I do take offense to your using Jerry Lee Lewis in your post as someone who should be lumped into this "pedo group". Jerry Lee Lewis married Myra Gail Brown LEGALLY. They were married for 14 years and it's my opinion that if their young son hadn't died tragically, they might still be together today. The marriage fell apart when the toddler drowned. It's not fair to compare Jerry Lee Lewis, who grew up in a time and in a place where people married very young, to some creep who's videotaping himself with underage girls.
By the way, I know some people who live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri which is Limbaugh's hometown. From what I've heard: most of Rushie's own family can't stand him and don't listen to his radio program.
Hi Darrell
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