Friday, June 29, 2007


McFAT 17

It's the seventeenth installment of the McFAT, MCF's question and answer test for fellow bloggers.

1) What was the first swear word you learned?
(You can, of course choose to censor your answer.)

I vividly remember an incident from my childhood when I swore in front of a large group of adults, although I thought at the time that I wasn't swearing. It all comes down to context:

When I was a kid, my parents, who were Christian fundamentalists, took my sister and I to church regularly. I remember begging them at some point when I was about six to let me start attending "grown-up church" with them instead of going to the kids' sermon. Eventually they gave in.

I remember being amazed once I started hearing the grown-up sermons at how much cussin' the preacher usually did. Specifically, he used the word hell very frequently. I'd always thought of hell as a swear word since I'd typically only heard it used as an expletive, followed by instructions not to repeat what I'd heard said. So I was quite concerned about all the cussin' that our preacher was doing.

I remember asking my mom about it and I remember her explaining to me that it was OK for the preacher to say hell because he was actually talking about hell and not swearing. Well, the concept of context was lost on me. All I came away from that conversation with was it's OK to say hell.

Fast forward about a week or so to a hot summer day at my grandmother's house. I'd been outside playing with my cousins and I came inside and informed everyone that it was "hotter than all hell" outside. A hush filled the room. I was instructed to quit cussin' and I'm willing to bet I got spanked in the bargain.

This was my first lesson in context. What I learned was this: Never trust grown-ups.

2) If you could have a functioning version of any comic book character's accessory or vehicle, which would you choose and why?

The Tumbler. Nothing else is close. Now, I suppose I might be fudging the answer here a bit because the Tumbler is actually a cinematic reimagining of the Batmobile, but I still have to go with it. There's just nothing cooler. Man, how awesome would it be to have that thing? Of course, I'd get all kinds of tickets for the way I'd drive it. Now, wait, scratch that. The cops could never stop me in the Tumber. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!

3) What is your least favorite exercise?

I don't like the part where you get off the couch and do stuff.

4) Can you keep a secret?

Wouldn't YOU like to know.

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: What is my middle name?
(I probably won't answer this one, but it will be fun to see what people say...)

Well, the two most common American male middle names are David and Wayne. I'd like to hedge my bets and guess both of them, but I suppose I'm supposed to guess one name … so I'll combine them and guess that MCF's middle name is Wayvid. Michael Wayvid Whorenelli. For Senate.


ROFL...Awesome, I have a SouthCon political endorsement!

Michael Wayvid Whorenelli accepts the nomination for senate.

Fun Fact: 24 featured presidents, siblings, in different seasons whose names were David and Wayne respectively.
I've been a way for a bit and just spent an enlightening half-hour catching up. I hope you continue to review movies and music on SouthCon---I don't heed the music ones, but I enjoy reading them and the movie reviews are part of my guide for movie-going.

Fred T is not my concern (yet), but I find it harad to disassociate him from his TV role, so I'm glad I don't have to worry (yet) about his chances.

Michael Wayvid Whorenelli, on the other hand, has my most enthusiastic and sincere support.

I'm calling you that at work :)
Good stuff Darrell. I'm waiting for your review of Knocked Up.
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