Thursday, June 14, 2007


Garbage Scan

Ever since the wonderful, brilliant, beautiful Yellow Ledbetter video showed up on You Tube, there's been a lot of discussion everywhere about funny and infamous misheard song lyrics. Yellow is one of the biggest You Tube videos ever. I've heard it discussed on the radio, on TV, at work, etc.

This is a collection of a few misheard lyrics. Let me qualify this by saying that this video is nowhere near as funny as the Yellow Ledbetter video, but you might see a few things here that make you grin. And each of them is, supposedly, an honest example of what someone thought the lyrics were.

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Still my favorite of all time:

but the Pearl Jam was hella funny.
And I just found this one LOL
I kind of liked the irony of Police Knocked Me Down; and those were some hellacious cats with Mike.
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