Monday, June 18, 2007


Found My Candidate?

I've been pretty ambivalent about the current crop of Presidential hopefuls. Believe it or not, I would consider voting for a Democrat if he talked sense and was reliable on ..... Oh, what the hell am I saying? A Democrat talking sense??!? Ha ha!

Anyway, the current crop of Republican candidates all strike me as a pretty lame crew, but one guy who is about to announce his candidacy seems to be speaking my language.

The more I hear about Fred Thompson and from Fred Thompson, the more I like him. I can really see me supporting the guy eventually.

Here's a YouTube clip, Thompson with Chris Wallace a while back:

Now, granted, I have my days of disgust with the war in Iraq, and I sometimes throw up my hands and say "It's not worth it, bring the boys home." I realize, though, on a deeper level, that we can't abandon Iraq. It's just difficult to stay focused on reality when all you hear day in and day out is gloom and doom. I admit, I had a MSM relapse earlier this month and started getting my news from network TV again. It was a mistake, it won't happen again. Not everyone reporting on Iraq has the same bias and the same agenda as the MSM and those in DC and in the Green Zone.

Ultimately, though, I think I just wrote my "abandon Iraq" post on a grouchy day.

Anyway, I think Thompson could both make sound decisions on Iraq and communicate them to the American people much better than the current President. That might be part of the problem; maybe most of the problem: Dubya just can't communicate.

Thompson's positions are solid conservative common sense on the other issues, such as taxes, abortion, stem cell research, abortion, commerce, immigration, abortion, gun rights, abortion, abortion, trade and abortion. (I admit, I often tend to be a one-issue voter. As much as I like Rudy Giuliani, I could never vote for him.)

The only thing I disagree with Thompson on is the death penalty. He supports it. And, let's face it, until my personal pick for the ultimate candidate (Michael Steele) decides to run, solid conservatives who oppose the death penalty are gonna be hard to find.

Anyway, yeah, Thompson is solid. Hopefully he'll announce soon. If you want to check into his record and opinions, here are some good resources:

Fred Thompson's YouTube Channel

I'm With Fred (Close to an official campaign page)

Fred Heads

Draft Fred Thompson (A discussion board)

The Fred Thompson Report (Thompson's ABC Radio podcast)

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There are days when I am SO glad to be Canadian.
Wow, it sure took you a while to realize that Thompson's the best candidate. ;)
Me too. I love the guy.
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