Tuesday, December 12, 2006


More Perilous!

The latest installment of MCF's Perilous! is a tough one ... but I might have come up with the right answers. Which is to say, the right questions.

1. Darrell

Who will be the first blogger to throw together a submission for Perilous! II?

2. Wendy

What is his spouse named?

3. Lorna

Which of the bloggers that he frequently reads is the furthest from him, geographically?

4. Joseph

What is his son's first name?

5. Kevin

Which of his uncles is a Baptist minister?

6. Michael

Uh, no. He doesn't have an uncle Kevin. Let's try again. Which of his uncles is a Baptist minister?

7. Kelly

Which blogger seems to be winning her movie-watching contest with MCF?

8. Dave

And what is her spouse's name?

9. Hal

The hilarious Canadian comedy troop featuring Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson is called the Kids in the What?

10. Nicholas

Alright, well, since we don't deduct points for spelling, we'll accept that. If you had ten cents represented by six coins and you lost every one of those coins that wasn't a penny, what would you be?

11. Matthew

Well, again, you're lucky that we don't count spelling. Alright, have you named the toilet in your home … and, if so, what's the name?

12. Clint

If you had a terrible speech defect, what might you tell us you've found in your belly button?

13. Jesse

Continuing with the speech defect theme, how might you describe a really good apple?

14. Sean

Can you give us a word that rhymes with Bean?

15. Cristina

Well, no, not really. But that's OK. If you could be a famous pop star for a day, which one would you want to be?

16. Arthur

Alright. In the last Perilous! installment you named a dead British actor in question nine. This time, can you name one of his films?

17. Whorenelli

What is the last name of the most dangerous and feared mob-tied family on the East Coast?

18. Ray

If you didn't know any better, how might you misspell Rey's name?

19. Kurt

And how might you misspell The Happy Husband's name?

20. Jury

And, if you were from the Alabama, how might you pronounce J-No's first name?


In the last few weeks I've seen The Thing, The Exorcist, Magnolia, The Third Man, 2001(and 2010 for good measure), Texas Chainsaw Massacre and yes, even Brokeback. I should be getting the Searchers tonight, after which by my count I'll have 9 movies left to see, while it looks like Kelly has 28 remaining.

Scoring your submission is going to be tough, btw, but I'll explain why next week...
In the last few weeks I've seen [snip] (long list of movies)

Oh. Maybe I was way off, there. ;)
Heh, yeah, way off. And I won't be getting anymore watched anytime soon. Emotions are going crazy because I just started back to work and the movies on that list are way too depressing. I've switched to a "watch nothing but comedy" regiment, for the sake of my sanity.
Lots of good stuff here. heh.
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