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Wii Journal, Entry 04

As I reported yesterday, my sinus infection got me out of Wal-Mart duty. Wendy spent the day in line at Wal-Mart, and, happily, we are now the proud owners of a Wii. Of course, we won't be able to report much about it until Christmas, since it's for the kids … and since this is our "off year" with the kids, we won't be having our Christmas until some time after December 25th. So expect more than a month before we have anything to say about how much our family actually enjoys the Wii.

Meanwhile, here's Wendy's report about the Wal-Mart wait:

So the plan was that at noon I would call down to Wal-Mart and see how many people were in line for the Wii. If people were lining up, I was to wake him. So I called at noon, and there were 7 people in line. So, I went in and told Darrell. He told me that he needed another hour of sleep. So at one, I called again. Now there were 8 people in line. I went and woke him up.

He woke up, if you could call it that. It was more of stumbling about and moaning. It was at this point that I decided that I needed to act. I secretly always wanted to be the one to go and wait in line anyhow. So I graciously offered to go instead. He took me up on the offer. I raced down to Wal-Mart. Arriving at 1:15pm, I was number 9 in what would eventually become a line of at least 20 being that there were only 20 Wii's available at our local Wal-Mart.

Why in the name of all that's pure and good and right she actually wanted to spend the day waiting at Wal-Mart is beyond me. Masochistic tendencies, I guess.

I took my seat over in the layaway department where they had arranged a bunch of chairs for those waiting. I found out that number 1 had gotten there at 9 am. He was an older gentleman and his wife who had a young child late in life. Numbers 2 and 3 were high school seniors. They played chess and backgammon with their friend who eventually decided to become number 12 instead of spending his mother's birthday with his mom. Number 4 was a married couple who had a couple of kids at home. Number 5 was a married couple and their son who was about 10 or 11 and determined to make it to midnight. Number 6 was another married couple and their 12 year old son. Number 7 was the boy from my speech class at my last college who wrote a persuasive speech as to why people should get the Wii instead of the PS3. Well it worked because I was in line. Number 8 was the guy who was number 1 in the PS3 line a few nights earlier. And then there was me. I was guaranteed a system, and that felt really good.

Wendy told me that the guy who was in line in front of her … the one who'd waited in line for two days to buy a PS3 … just turned around and sold it on eBay. On one hand that seems crappy, but on the other hand, I hope he got enough of a profit to pay for his Wii.

So Wal-Mart had a really good system going. When you got there, you signed your name on a list, thus getting your number in line. Then at the top of each hour they would come back to layaway and check you in. They would go down they list and read off the names if you, or someone sitting in for you, wasn't there, then you would lose your spot. After each check in you could then be set free for about 59 minutes until the next check-in. You could use the bathroom, get a bite to eat, go down to the Game Stop and test out the Wii there, do some Christmas shopping, or just hang out in layaway. One guy even went to get a few beers at Applebee's. Whatever. Just as long as you were back by the top of the hour.

Oh, Wendy also told me that the guy who spent his free time tossing down beers at Applebees got so caught up in a football game while there that he almost didn't make it back for check-in time! Oh, how that would have sucked to have been him.

In the electronics department they had a PS3 set up. The graphics look amazing on that thing. However, it kept locking up. Those of us back in the Wii line found that hilarious. Stupid Sony; you spend $600 and you get a system that locks up on you. Somebody suggested getting a gun from Sporting Goods to handle the problem, and we all got a good laugh out of that.

Mwaaa ha ha ha ha! There seems to be a real clear delineation between PS3 people and Wii people. It's almost like the whole Mac Vs. PC thing. The weird thing is that I'm a Wii guy (at least I presume that I am, having not yet played the Wii and having never even touched a PS2) … anyway, I'm a Wii guy, and the Wii would be the Mac in this analogy (with the PS3 as the PC) … but when it comes to computers, I'm a total PC guy and I have no use for a Mac.

It's all about the interface with the Wii. We might have tried to save money and get a PS3, and this time last year we were actually expecting to try to get a PS3 as the big gift for the kids this year, but once we started seeing Wii promotions on the 'net back in the summer, we were sold on the interface. We showed those promos and videos to the kids, and they were totally psyched, too. We're a Wii family all the way. This really seems like the family console. Let the gangstas have their PS3s.

The Wii crowd was really friendly. I knew a bunch of them from college. And the ones I didn't know at the beginning of the day, I knew by the end of the night. From what people said, the PS3 crowd was kinda sketchy, and number 8 should know since he was there too.

Wendy said that the PS3 crowd from a night or two before, by contrast, had to wait out in the open air in the gated lawn-n-garden section. I suppose they wanted the PS3ers outside in case somebody just had to "buss a cap up in heah." You know how those PS3ers can get. ;)

When I started the day out I had no clue what games to get for the Wii because in all honesty, all the games I want to get don't come out until the spring. However, by the end of the night I was pretty much convinced that I could not survive unless I had The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I just hope my kids will feel the same way about it.

The funniest thing is that since we were placed back in layaway, people who didn't know that we were waiting for the Wii thought that we were the layaway line since today is the last day you can add anything to layaway at Wal-Mart, ever. So, they would be walking towards layaway with a cart full of stuff, see us all sitting there, their jaws would drop, they'd walk away, and we'd say "I guess we scared off another one." But those brave souls that got close enough would ask "Is this the line for layaway?" And we'd reassure them that it was not. And the look of relief on their faces was priceless.

Once 10 pm rolled around we were handed our tickets and put into a line. Now we weren't allowed to leave the area. And check-ins were every half-hour. We were in the home stretch.

So when midnight rolled around we stood up and one by one we were able to buy our Wii's back in layaway. Then we could head back to electronics and pick up any additional games and/or controllers that we needed. So I was able to get what we needed.

So number 8, who looked like
Steven Page from Barenaked Ladies, and exited Wal-Mart at the same time. That way I wouldn't be walking through the empty parking lot alone. He wished me good luck in school, and I wished him good luck playing video games.

From what Wendy's told me, if I had ended up doing the waiting at Wal-Mart myself, talking to this guy would have been the most fun part.

Overall, this was one of those experiences that you never forget. I had a lot of fun. Granted it was very boring. I wish I had been better prepared with something to do like a book to read or a Gameboy to play or my iPod or something, but I did buy a magazine and they did provide us with donuts. Darrell brought me dinner, too, which was nice. And who would have thought that sitting around for 11 hours could be so exhausting, but it really is. But it was a great group of people. A bunch of them that I knew, and I could talk to them and joke around with them. Darrell would have been miserable. Absolutely miserable. He's not good at waiting. Especially when he's sick and tired. Now I just have to wait for the next new system or something. Well then there's always Black Friday coming up this week.

Yes, I would have been miserable. As it was, I pretty much spent the whole day asleep. The most exciting part of my day was pulling out the first tooth that Liam has lost so far.

Anyway, we have a Wii. Yippee.

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There's an Applebee's near you now? Holy ****!

The Governor
The Governor: There's an Applebee's near you now?

Yep. We hope to even have one of them there traffic lights by next year.
Yeah Darrell, it's for the "kids" ;)
I can't wait to beat the crap out of you and your wii.
worth waiting for...Wendy, I MISS you
DS, who is majoring in gaming (no, really!) just went out and got a Wii. I bowled and golfed with it the other day. It really is a lot of fun.
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