Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Scarlett Sings, Beauty Bends, Polite Politics and Akin's Apologetics

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You dissed Shatner AND Hoff in the same paragraph?

I don't know who you are.

All those people made music? Segal? Really?
Man, it's hard to imagine all those actors and such have had albums out. What about Dermot Mulrooney (sp?)?
Give poor Scarlett a break. Hugh Jackman, who is a pretty good stage musician, says he was completely captivated by her signing. Which l would totally believe if he were blind or she were in another room.
You know I meant singing!
Lorna: You know I meant singing!

LOL, nope. I'm sure you meant "signing." They say that Scarlett expresses herself beautifully with ASL. At least that kind of expression is silent. ;)
That marketing video was disturbing for some reason.

New Avatar, Darrell? I think you should go back to Hellboy in drag. ;)
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