Thursday, October 12, 2006



Three bloggers, three hidden identities, and three very slow reveals

So there you have it. Truth will out.

You will pay! I'm gonna go Muslim on your ass this time.

You better tell Wendy to keep that Wedding photo albumn I made for you guys under lock and key.
What, what, what!

I'm on a psychoanalyst's couch?

I always gave my honest opinions.

Does my identity really alter all of that?

Gosh, MCF's superhero post is beginning to feel a little true to life here.
It's going to be great next year when I reveal I'm a housewife, and that these are photos of my toddler you've hilariously pasted into other images, you freak. :)

Cube never specified, and so we assumed. The cats should have been a giveaway, but then there was Star Trek references and Hillary bashing. Thousands of words aren't always worth a picture.

I'm reasonably certain you're evil enough to have posted "Otis"'s genuine tenth grade photo, and I have some doubts about the most recent image. I say the others are definitely fake. We'll see if I'm wrong, but for now I'll munch virtual popcorn and enjoy the impending Jihad.
CUBE: What, what, what! I'm on a psychoanalyst's couch?

No, no, no! I'm saying that I should be on the couch so that I can figure out why I presume someone's gender when I don't have any reason to make such presumptions. My bad!

I hope I didn't offend you, Cube. I suppose that it's just that ... and here's where I'm admitting to being kinda sexist, I guess... it's that I'm not used to hearing such well informed, conservative opinions from women. I know, I'm a bad person. I feel like a royal turd. Honestly, I really do feel like a jerk. Please forgive me, Cube?
The best post in a long time.....
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