Thursday, September 21, 2006


This Week That This Week Was (So Far)

Just a few thoughts on the news items of the week:

I wonder how the UN officials would feel about being relocated to Venezuela, giving up their opulant lifestyle, enjoying the culture and fruits of the very country they claim to disdain. Let them have their expense accounts in a third world toilet.
I had a couple Iranian friends in college. I think Bush's comments about Iran were very proper. Iranians get offended when they are mistaken for Arabs. Persian culture and history does rival that of the Greeks, although unlike Greece, Iran has had a minority fanatic group manage to hold power there for 27 years. Now we have a whole generation of people raised that way.

Not that I know anything about the nun in Somalia, but I am curious if her murder really was related to the pope's remarks. I frequently hear about innocent people in Somalia being murdered. To me, it's just as likely that she was targeted for being a westerner as she would be for being Catholic.

I don't have any evidence to back this up. Just that yesterday as I was questioning my own beliefs, I wonder if we have gotten too paranoid about the Islamic countries. Every bad thing that happens in any country now has to have some mention of its relation to Islam.

It's because of the coup in Thailand...all news reports on the day of the coup emphasized that this new military leader is a Muslim in a predominately Buddhist country. But so far I see little evidence that this coup had anything to do with religion. Similar questions can be posed about the Parisian riots last year.

Just a drive-by comment; my mood may change again by the end of today.

The Governor
The Iranians had the least ignorant culture in the middle east until the ayatollahs took over & changed all of that.
I think Americans would LOVE to vote to have the UN moved OUT of our country and go ANYwhere, but here. We'd also like to stop giving the UN so much money just so they can continue to NOT do what they say they will do and so they can continue working AGAINST America every chance they get.
"Abominations" is right!!

The reaction to the Pope's remarks just shows that that radical, maniacal Muslims are not capable of the "sound reason" he was trying to say was needed among religions instead of violence. The cartoons awhile back brought about the same OVERreaction.
Christians and Jews are mocked constantly, and yet you don't see violent reaction.
Moon should really be investigated, he's not a citizen, says his goal is to "subjugate the American government and population" and he's spent billions successfully manipulating our political system and no one seems to care.

I guess it helps to have friends in high places.

Here is where he made much of his cash.
Excuse me, I have to walk away from my PC for a few moments, I seem to be CHOKING ON MY OWN BILE.

Sad to say, you are so right on! Of course, you were cracking me up when I read your post.

The church we attended Sunday had a stained glass window of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Guadalupe) and she's standing on the crescent moon. My husband made a comment that even in church now we have to be ever vigilant to a possible sucide bomber.
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