Monday, August 21, 2006


The Freefallin' Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's list of accomplishments (both notable and dubious) is considerable:

Now, according to Parade Magazine, Dylan's life is about to be adapted for the screen, and six different actors will be playing Dylan. The movie, called I'm Not There, will feature these six actors, each playing Dylan in different stages of his life:

The cast listing at IMDb has some differences from the list in Parade magazine… so we'll see. If Parade is correct, these are the six faces of Bob Dylan, as he'll be represented in I'm Not There:

You can read more here.

I shouldn't prejudge the film based on this information… but I can't help but expect it to be as disjointed, rambling, strange and ostentatious as the most recent years of Dylan's career have been.

Unlike you, I am more than willing to prejudge the movie. Ostentatious, elitist art-house crap. That looks like the kind of thing you'd be forced to watch for all eternity in hell.
Those are the exaact same people I want to play me if they ever do the biopic.
Also, that picture of Heath Ledger (if that is his REAL name) looks alot more like Sharon Stone.
Great post! LOL.

Being a follower of Dylna from way back I agree with your observations save one. Slow Train Coming, one of his Christian albums is pretty durn good. But other than that ... yeah.
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