Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Bandwidth Theft: Summation

One week ago tonight I checked the server stats at (our family site) and noticed that about 70 percent of the bandwidth getting pumped out was actually being stolen. Stolen by a process called hotlinking, which had been done by various MySpace-Cadets, assorted forum posters, and sundry other internet riffraff.

I won't bother to recap everything that's happened between now and then. I blogged about all of it and it's in the archives if you care to read it.

Suffice it to say that I tried everything I can think of to solve the problem:

So far, here's what I've figured out how to do:

01) Check my server stats and see how much bandwidth is being stolen.

02) Express my frustration with several vulgar words and a grunt.

03) Move all of our family blogs to our central server space so that stolen bandwidth is easier and quicker to find among my stats. No more long hours will have to be spent combing the stats, looking for bandwidth fraud. I can catch 'em at a glance. In short, if a file is going anywhere other than or one of it's subdirectories, it's a big red flag.

04) Continue changing the graphics being stolen so that they lead to something other than what the bandwidth thief thinks he or she is getting.

So I guess that's how I'll continue to handle the situation. However, instead of taking the trouble to create an elaborate and time-consuming graphic with the goal of embarrassing the bandwidth thieves, I'm simply going to replace everything they steal with this huge, obnoxious, ugly graphic. Hopefully, this ugly thing will so badly screw up the look of their pages that they'll notice it right away and take it down.

In the meantime, thanks to all of you who've put up with my ranting about this topic. Thanks, also, to those of you who've taken the time to update our links (mine, Wendys, and film geeks) at your blogrolls. Your kindness is honestly appreciated.

And thank you to my wife, who has put up with me during what has honestly been an unhealthy obsession. I've actually lost sleep about this.

You'll also notice that there's a new Department at SouthCon. This department is simply called Bandwidth Thieves, and it's just a post where I'll expose people when I catch them. I scrapped an old post so I could hide this thing deep in the blog. Mostly because I'm a little sick of it. If this kind of thing interests you (and I guess that's possible), feel free to check that department from time to time. I must admit, I do enjoy exposing them.

And, with that, other than in that one specific department, I don't intend to ever mention the topic here at SouthCon again.

Until the next time I think about it and get good and PO'd and wanna gripe about it.

actually, I've enjoyed reading about the antics, and I feel your pain.. that's a nice summation. That other guy was hilarious and quite clever, but so were you.

Sorry I've been offline for awhile, I'm going to update my blogroll this morning.

Welcome back.
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