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Play Stands As Called??

I never "live-blog," and I really don't care much about pro-football... but...

I'm watching the Super Bowl right now. It's halftime. I went into this game rooting for Pittsburgh because I know several Pittsburgh fans and I'm chummy with a number of Pittsburgh bloggers, so it seemed like Pittsburgh was a good "default" home team for me to pull for.

Having said that, at this point, I'm pulling hard for Seattle. Seattle is being RAPED by the officials. It just isn't pretty.

First of all, Roethlisberger DID NOT score. Period. If you saw the play, you know I'm right. He was a good six inches back into the green. He slid the ball into the white, but only AFTER it was down. What total highway robbery.

Also, although I can't remember the player's name, Seattle was robbed of what looked to me like a perfectly good complete pass in the first quarter. The receiver caught the ball and made two or three backward steps before he went down. Looked fine to me. The officials called it incomplete. I just don't get it.

Oh, well. I guess they don't call them the "stealers" for nothing. (ha ha)

Go, Seattle!

Update: Three minutes and something to go. The game is all but over. I can't deny that Pittsburgh played well in the second half, although there were still a number of calls against Seattle which I disputed.

The play of the game for me was that big return on an interception by Seattle. Wow! I thought they were back in the game. It just wasn't to be, I guess.

So with the game wrapping up... Pittsburgh is just watching the clock at this point... I guess it's safe to say congratulations to the 'burgh and all my blogging pals from that area. Your boys played well in the second half and earned the win.

Pittsburghs 12th Man is wearing black and white stripes! For 2007 the Pittsburgh Steelers should redesigning their uniforms and add stripes. The East Coast gives Seattle little respect, but at least they could have called the game fairly. I am not a sore loser by any means. I just want to see fair officiating. The SuperBowl is turning into a SuperJoke, it is not about the game anymore. For the people in charge it is about money and big money, who care who wins as long as they get the fans there!
Well Darrell, it doesnt make fiscal sense for the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. How many t-shirts that say Seattle Super Bowl Champs can the league possibly sell?
You know I'm a big Steeler fan but even I can see the huge bias by the officials. It's same thing that happened to Pitt against the Colts. The league wanted Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. The Colts got every call. Lots of money involved here.
Personally, I didnt think either team deserved to win. Possibly the worst played Super Bowl ever!
This is boosterbaby from Live Journal. I live just two hours outside of Detroit, BTW.

Detroit was supposed to be neutral territory, but it was known before the game that this is largely Steeler territory. It makes a body wonder if it also didn't influence those refs.

They sucked hardcore! I was rooting for Pittsburgh because I have a lot of family in that area, and my mom is from that area. But I felt badly for Seattle. I think they got a raw deal at least three times in that game, including two plays that were crucial.

Seattle should've had the advantage going into the 3rd quarter. If the score had been what it was supposed to have been (10-7 in favor of Seattle) the outcome of this game could've been quite a bit different.

I was glad to see my family's team win, but I think Seattle got a really hard break. They did an excellent job for this being their first-ever Super Bowl. They have my support.
I tuned in for the half time show. The Stones are still very old, and thank goodness Jagger did not have any wardrobe malfunctions.
Paul said: "I feel the same way!"

Me, too.
I agree Darrell. A few of those calls left a bad taste in my mouth (however, if the ball only had to just be on the white line of the endzone, I think Ben got it. I thought it had to be completely over).

As someone pointed out, though, this is the same thing that happened to us with the Colts, and we still pulled out a win. So I don't feel too bad for them.
Man, first Bush steals the 2000 election because he has the Supreme Court in his hip pocket, then Bush steals the 2004 election because he has the voting machine companies in his hip pocket, then the Seattle Seahawks lose the Superbowl because the Steelers had the refs in their hip pockets.

Geez! The Left Coast Latte Lappers just can't seem to get a break! ;)
First of all, Roethlisberger DID NOT score. Period. If you saw the play, you know I'm right.

Watch his knees ... they touch after the ball crosses the leading edge of the line while in his gloved hand.

After Big Ben was down he placed the ball in the end zone - independant of his scoring the touchdown.

Not picking on you Darrel ... the rules are the rules and the replay didn't counter the ruling and the rules so it stands.
Name Hidden: Man, first Bush steals the 2000 election because he has the Supreme Court in his hip pocket... yadda yadda yadda

Thomas: Watch his knees ... they touch after the ball crosses the leading edge of the line while in his gloved hand.

Whatever. You two are the only "fans" I know who see it that way. The other Pittsburgh fans I know have had their joy dampened this morning by that clearly, undeniably bad call.

It's cockiness and blindness like this that creates Steeler-haters. I'm starting to think that maybe I'll be one of those guys who roots against the Stealers from now on. In the 80's I grew to hate the Cowboys for the same reason.
Cockiness and blindness? Please. You are starting to sound like a liberal, Darrell. I saw the play. I had questions too until I saw it from the correct angle. It was a touchdown, although barely, and a good call by the ref.
You are starting to sound like a liberal, Darrell.

Yeah, you already made that claim once with your George Bush remark. It was bullshit then, it's bullshit now. Your boys were handed a touchdown that they didn't earn. Everybody knows it. Get over it. Being a sore loser is one thing. Being a bad winner... well, it makes you look particularly childish.
I also thought it was a touchdown, as I stated in my earlier comment.

And I don't think NH is really a Steelers fan. I don't see him overlooking a bad call just because he's blinded by love for the team.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I'm confused as to why you're getting so upset about this, since it seems you don't like football. As someone who likes the Steelers, I am upset that one or two questionable calls are going to slightly taint a win we probably would've had anyway. But I'm not up in arms about it one way or the other. Pittsburgh is one of the few towns I know where most fans will be honest that there's bad officiating, like always.
I'm not being a bad winner. I am glad the Steelers won, but had they lost, it wouldn't have bothered me much. I was just poking fun at the venom you are showing, and with the intensity of the insistence, plus the "agree with me or you are blind!" view.

Lighten up, Darrell, geez!
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Fixed a typo ...

My reply to the call is a statement of the rules and a call to review the replay.

Darrell - you fail to understand the RULES of the GAME. The official saw the play - he was there - then another official reviewed the replay and came to the same conclusion based on the same set of rules; therefore it isn't a bad call.

PS: Being a fan of a team and understanding the game are two very different things. Trust me. I'll take you to a Pens game and you can listen to what fams say about the game, during the game - I'll give you my 20+ yrs experience playing competitive hockey - you'll see the difference.
Lighten up, Darrell, geez!

You're telling me to lighten up? You disagreed with me about the call and grouped me in with the whiners who say Bush stole the election. Then you tell me I sound like a liberal. And I'm the one who needs to lighten up. Right. Dude, you turned this into a personal, petty thing.

Kelly, I don't really care that much about football... but it does rub me the wrong way when someone jumps topic and resorts to personal insults because they disagree with how I saw the call. I'm not up in arms about the call. It was a bad call. The two biggest Steelers fans I know see it that way. One of them (Otis, above) was even harder on them than I am.

Look, it really isn't worth all this... but rest assured, if someone resorts to personal insults because they disagree with me, I'll call them on it. Resorting to personal insults when you disagree with someone is the kind of behavior I've come to expect out of liberals, by the way, not self-professed conservatives.
Thomas: Darrell - you fail to understand the RULES of the GAME.

Oh, OK. Thanks for straightening me out, Thomas. I think you know how much I value your input.
My apologies if my joking offended you. I guess tone doesn't translate well over blog comments.
My apologies if my joking offended you. I guess tone doesn't translate well over blog comments


Ah, crap... you were joking.

Dude, I seriously thought you were jumping down my throat.

We're cool, then. I hope. ;)
Dude, you are one of the most conservative people I know!!! I would NEVER seriously call you a liberal.
LOL, good. I read the first part about Bush stealing the election and I thought WTF??, and I was so miffed that by the time I got to the winky at the end, I didn't even notice it. Of course, reading it again and perceiving it to be said with a grin and a nudge instead of a smirk makes it a TOTALLY different comment.

I'm glad we cleared it up. I was thinking "Why is NH being such a d*(k?" Turns out, the joke is on me. This is, of course, the very first time I've ever jumped to the wrong conclusion. Yep. Sure it is.
Don't worry, if jumping to conclusion were an olympic event, I'd have the record for consecutive gold medals.
Just to add a little more to my thoughts: I thought Ben did not cross the goal line. I knew the replay ref would not reverse it because the ball could not be seen clearly on the replay(his arm covered the end of the ball). If there is no CLEAR evidence that the ball didnt cross, they cannot take back the touchdown.
Now the question becomes, if they had taken away the TD, would the Steelers have gone for it on 4th down and made it? We will never know.
I actually don't have that big a problem with that play. The play that shocked me was the offensive pass interference against Seattle that cost them a TD. I've never seen that called against any receiver ever in a NFL game.
Cowher said in an interview he would have gone for it on 4th down. Who knows if they would have made it, but odds are they would have.
Otis: You bring up a great point. That was the call that bothered me the most. It's a play that is a penalty, but they rarely call it. There will always be gray area calls like this, but there has to be some way to tighten up the officiating. Maybe a start would be to make officials a full-time job.

BTW, we taped the game and rewatched Ben's TD several times, and I'm certain it was valid. It goes a bit over the goal line when he's in the air. When he lands he gets pushed slightly back. He isn't pushing the ball forward because he's guilty, he's doing it because that's what ALL football players do after they finish a play when they're on the ground.
Jumping in at the end, here I suppose, but I watched the touchdown frame by frame and it looks to me like the ball crossed the plane of the goal line. I stood at the TV with a straight edge, because I'm pathetic. Of course, there's parallax and all that, but it looked like a score to me. The officials watch the same replays we watch, so I think it was a good call.

Now, time for the blind adoration comment:

They would've gotten it on 4th down anyway, so it doesn't even matter.
The play that shocked me was the offensive pass interference against Seattle that cost them a TD. I've never seen that called against any receiver ever in a NFL game.

They would have called the harmless shove if it had been Stealer initiated. The official HAD to make that call... there's other watching the game 'high in the booth'... they have officiating regulations.

Darrell: You have miscalculated me - and posted accusations against me with no proof. I've asked you for it in the past, so here's your chance: name a backhanded comment I have made against catholics which leads you to your position.

I've over it ... I just would liek to extend to you the opportunity to purge your ill-feeling towards me... it's not good for you. I'm not offended - and don't harbor a grudge.
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