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More On Michael Steele

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an entry about Michael Steele, who's running for the Senate in Maryland, where he's the Lieutenant Governor. The focus of what I wrote was the racial attacks that have been launched on Steele by his political opponents. Steele, who is a black Republican, has been targeted as an "Uncle Tom" and as an "Oreo" by liberals (black and otherwise) who disagree with his politics.

Of course, were he a black Democrat, and were he the target of racial attacks by conservatives, the liberal media, the NAACP, and PC moonbats in general would be climbing the walls in outrage. Since he's a conservative, though, these kinds of race-based attacks are just fine and dandy with the hypocrites on the left.

I suppose it was somewhat implied in what I wrote that I supported Steele's Senate bid, at least on principle. Since I wrote that first bit, however, I've learned a lot about Michael Steele, and I want to make it clear that I don't support his run for the Senate.

I don't support his run for the Senate because I don't want him wasting his or our time legislating. I don't support his run for the Senate because I really hope Micheal Steele will run for President in the next election.

The more I learn about Michael Steele, the more I realize that this guy is exactly what I look for in a leader and exactly what I think we need in a President. A lot of the time I end up voting for the lesser of two evils, or for the guy who comes the closest to my beliefs. Usually, that's the Republican. If Michael Steele ran for President, however, I'd have a Presidential candidate I could support enthusiastically, since I've yet to find an important issue or a position that I disagree with him on.

For me, Mike Steele is the best of all possible Presidential candidates:

  • He's Pro-Life
    For me to support him, that's a given. I'd never vote for anyone who approved of the murder of unborn babies. Steele opposes abortion on demand, and even the issue of abortion for victims of rape and incest isn't something he's comfortable simply glossing over. Some politicians favor abortion in those instances without qualms. From what I've read, Steele even sees that issue as complex and difficult. In short, he might even be more pro-life than I am. That's exactly what I want in a candidate; somebody who's more likely to err on the side of life.

    For the record, I do support a woman's right to have an abortion in instances of rape, incest, or a threat to her health. I think that Steele does, too... But he seems to recognize that, even in instances of rape and incest, the issue is complex. Of course, anyone who ever sees abortion is a cut-and-dry issue is a nutjob, anyway.

  • He Opposes The Death Penalty
    YES! YES! Finally, a conservative politician who feels the way that I do about capital punishment! I don't have to tell you, Republicans who appose the death penalty can be few and far between. Steele is one of those few. It was learning that about him that made me first think I should educate myself a little more on the guy.

  • He's Catholic
    Look, don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that I'd only vote for Catholics for the rest of my life... but it's nice to think I have an idea where a politician is coming from, what forms his guiding principles, and why. Now, of course, Catholicism isn't the trump card. That moron John Kerry is a Catholic, after all. From what I can tell, though, Steele seems to be a "practicing Catholic" instead of a "Kennedy Catholic." As a young man, Steele even seriously considered the Priesthood.

  • He Is Committed To Rehabilitation For Prisoners And Drug Users
    This is another area where I part ways with some of my Republican friends. I don't know why I have the feelings I do on this matter... maybe it's just the Johnny Cash fan in me. I don't think I've written much at this blog on the subject, except to say that I thought people should leave Martha Stewart the hell alone once she got out of the joint.

    I believe that once somebody has been sentenced for a crime and done their time, it is incumbent upon society (especially for Christians) to do all we can to help them make a new start. The prison system doesn't work if it's seen as a closed circuit. If, once someone goes to jail, they're ostracized from society forever... what's the point of calling it rehabilitation? What are jails for? Are they for punishment and rehabilitation of the criminal... or are they simply cages for criminals, where the last of their humanity is destroyed and their role as a lifelong criminal is cemented? Once released from prison, it's the former prisoner's task to rejoin society as a law-abiding citizen. It's society's task to help him or her do just that. Steele seems to agree with me on that issue, too.

  • Minority Incentive, Not Minority Dependence
    Steele is very focused on Maryland's Minority Business Enterprise Program, an initiative that has it's critics and boosters, just like any other government program. I've read several articles about the MBE Program, and the more I read, the less certain I am that I understand it. I think, though, that I understand some of the philosophy behind it. The point seems to be that the program encourages members of minorities to get pro-active, to make something of themselves, and to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that are available in this country. That's refreshing, especially considering how many minority leaders preach the exact opposite to their default constituents. It seems to me that most minority "leaders" ensure their position by creating an imaginary need for themselves. They keep minority members convinced that they don't have a fair chance, that "the man" is keeping them down, and that the field is not and never will be balanced, racially, in this country. Of course, that's BS. It's refreshing to see a prominent black leader who focuses on opportunity instead of "oppression."

  • There are, of course, a few things that I disagree with Steele about. The main one is that he seems to have done a little rationalizing and "gotten on board" with the current Governor's plan to allow slot machines at Maryland horse racing tracks. That's not really that big a deal, though. It's not like he's in favor of allowing slot machines at Wal-Mart. We're talking about race tracks, here... it's not like nobody's gambling there.

    That's a small item, though... and, so far, it's the only thing I've seen that even gives me a slight gripe with the guy.

    So here's hoping that Michael Steele will reconsider his bid for one of Maryland's Senate seats. It's not that I don't want him in Washington. I want the guy in the White House.

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    He sounds like a great candidate for office of any kind. I hope to see and hear more of him in the future.
    Thanks for bringing him to our attention! Clearly he's worth watching!
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