Thursday, September 01, 2005


Bad Habits Come Back To Haunt Me

One of my bad habits is that I rely too heavily on a spell checker. I've never taken the time to try to improve my spelling skills, I just hit the "check spelling" button and if it doesn't find anything, I think I'm done.

Another of my bad habits is that I don't proof e-mails before I send them. I proof them afterwards. Sometimes as much as a day or two later.

I've just realized that earlier this evening, I sent an e-mail to a family we go to church with, which read in part:

"We thought we'd invite you guys to come over Saturday for a cock out."

Oh, death, where is thy sting?

To a fellow church member????
How embarrassing and hilarious. I hope they are as easy going as you and Wendy are, so they could handle this horrific error.
Struggling.... Reisting urge for bad joke.... must not give, oh, forget it.

I've been trying to convince my husband to have a cock out for labor day, but he says it will draw too many of the neighbors.

Ahhhh. That's done.
Hey, let's fess up here. I'm the guy he sent the e-mail to and we're freinds going back over 15+ years to high school days. The fact that we go to the same church is coincidental and not a contingent of our friendship. Darrell also neglected to follow up by saying he immediately e-mailed me back, apologized and prompted said instead of cock out he meant "penis out".
I apologize, I typed "prompted" instead of "promptly". Damn. This misspelling is contagious.
That is too funny! And I hope Anon is right, because when you make an embarrassing mistake like that, that's the only way to correct it.
Wow, what an embarassing cock up, as they'd say in the UK.

Promise me you'll never invite me to one of those.
Wow - are you sure you're in the Southeast?

Sounds more like left coast weekend activities to me...!
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