Friday, October 01, 2004


SouthCon's Greatest Hits

This is the standard Best Of collection. To qualify for inclusion here, an entry has to meet one of the following four sandards:

Like Hell It's A Western
Category = Humor
Easily my best received blog entry. I'd read a news story that refered to Brokeback Mountain as a "western." It ain't no damn western. Period.

Reality On Television
Category = Commentary
It's amazing to me that the 1974 on-air suicide of newscaster Christine Chubbuck has been forgotten. This post actually caught the attention of E! Entertainment TV.

The Who's Who Debacle
Part 1 -- Part 2
Category = Humor, Personal
This mess proved to be the funniest, freakiest, most surprising thing that's happened since I started blogging ... and it all happened because of the blog.

Conservatives, Liberals and Libertarians: A Primer
Category = Politics and Culture, Humor
A lot of irresponsible ranting on my part. A few people found it funny.

The SouthCon True Hollywood Story
Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4
Category = Humor
Throw together a few South Park type cartoons and a few smartass remarks about celebrities and people seem to eat it up.

Getting Up With The Dogs
Category = Humor, Personal
A late night, insomnia, and hanging out with the dogs.

Michael Moore Links
Category = Politics and Culture
A set of links to items I've written about that turd Michael Moore. Also includes links to useful and informative articles at other sites.

Grammys Schmammys
Category = Humor
I made fun of the 2005 Grammy Awards Show and a number of people thought my post was kinda funny.

Coffee 101
Category = Commentary
You don't know nothin' 'bout no coffee. I know all about coffee.

Don't Feed The Bears
Category = Commentary
This one is mostly here because Rhodester told me two or three times that he'd enjoyed it.

Lost In Translation
Category = Humor
I ran a few of my favorite bloggers through Babelfish and got funny results.

Ooops, I Did It Again
Category = Humor
The whole tattooed idiot debacle. I still think this whole mess was funny.

A Story About My Sister
Category = Humor
The opening lines made Alan Thornberg, one of my favorite former bloggers, laugh out loud. That alone warrants inclusion here.

The Ego Has Landed
Category = Politics and Culture
My very first post at this blog. I intended to keep this blog serious and political, but it turns out that I'm more full of crap than smart ideas.

Being A Conservative Means…
Category = Politics and Culture
When I refer to myself as a conservative, this is what I am saying about myself.

The Pictures Prove It
Category = Humor
How evil is Dubya? I've got a number of pictures that prove that he's veeeery evil.

Why I Believe In Ghosts
Category = Story Telling
I've seen ghosts. Really.

Big Insight
Category = Personal
Written about the imminent death of my grandfather. One of the few times I've posted something deeply personal.

Muslim Fun day Canceled
Category = Humor
It made Pastor Scott laugh. That made me happy.

Mama's Day
Category = Personal
I love my mama. Another rare example of a personal post.

Metal Up Your Blog
Category = Commentary
My list of the ten greatest singers in the history of Heavy Metal. Rock On.

Unmasking MCF
Category = Humor
My attempt at humor resulted in a hillarious graphic made by MCF himself. That alone made it all worth it.

Secular Liberals: The Useful Idiots For Radical Islam
Category = Politics and Culture
When we appease those who hate us we're just asking for trouble.

$50,000 Cash Or The Bunny Dies
Category = Humor
This one is listed here mostly because Otis laughed at it.

My Five Favorite Places
Category = Humor
This McFAT entry was my most popular entry in any of MCF's tests.

What Happened At The Hospital
Category = Story Telling
This one is mostly here because my wife loves it.

For Some, Labor Day Is No Celebration
Category = Politics and Culture
Oh, how labor unions disgust me.

On Distances And Divisions
Category = Personal
A trip to visit Wendy's family on Long Island really resonated with me.

Leave The $#&%# Cell Phone In The Car!
Category = Commentary
Nothing distracts me during church more than a ringing cell phone.

More Worser
Category = Humor
This one is really just included because Lorna liked it, and that made me happy.

The Lizard President
Category = Commentary
Lest we forget.

Homegirl Does Good
Category = Personal
A landmark along the way for Wendy and for our family.

God Gave Rock And Roll To You
Category = Commentary
I'm a Christian (Catholic) and a conservative…but I love my rock music.

Raising The Bar
Category = Commentary
Wendy and I reviewed candy bars … and boy did we ever get some feedback.

Category = Humor
I learned … and revealed … a little more about three of my favorite bloggers.


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