Wednesday, May 31, 2006
  Request A Film Review

Wendy and I are bad about going for weeks... sometimes months at a time... without reviewing films. And, we're always surprised when people seem so happy to see us reviewing films again. Even people we regard as far smarter than ourselves sometimes celebrate our renewed interest in reviewing films.

I think it has something to do with the simple love of film that all of us film buffs share. A lot of our fellow bloggers just flat out love movies; just like Wendy and I flat out love movies. Movie lovers just like to exchange opinions with other movie lovers. It's fun.

It might help keep us motivated to actually write film reviews if people let us know about films they'd like for us to review.

So leave a comment at this blog entry if there's a movie you'd like us to review.

And just as a bit of a nudge, here are some quick, crude snapshots of our actual DVD collection. In fact, this is a thrown-together image of our actual DVD shelf, divided into fifteen clickable sections. Click the sections below to open larger pictures. If you see a movie among our collection that you love... or a movie that you hate... let us know about it. It might be fun.

Hey! You don't think I'm vastly smarter than younz guys?? Just because I don't flaunt it doesn't mean it ain't there baby!

I really like this idea. I'm gonna be browsing your shelves and throwing out review suggestions ... in ancient Aramaic. So ya better have your thinking caps on!
Darrell, Wendy, 'fess up! Who filed your DVDs alphabetically? My neck could only crick for so long, so I only got to the Hs, but I'd like to know what you thought of Contact---a movie I thought I loved until the last quarter....
How about Without Limits?
I'd like to see your review for Blade Runner, because I haven't seen it yet and need some inspiration to suck it up and watch it already.

I'd like to see your review for Fearless because it's one of my favorite dramas.

Either or would be great.
I tripped over your blog not too long ago, and really liked what I read. You folks seem to be on the same page as I am most of the time when it comes to movies.
(I'll have to test some of the comedy stuff... but you *did* like Airplane! and The Big Lebowski, and About Schmidt...)

So here are a few movies I'd like to hear about from you.

Paper House

Dead Again

The Reflecting Skin

If you've reviewed them already, just let me know here. For some reason, I've had really bad luck doing any searches on your blog. :-/

As a note: the last one is one of the least family oriented movies I've ever seen.
Happy Feet, guys. Amazing film.

Make it happen!
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