Tuesday, May 17, 2005
  A New Look

Natalie Portman is one of the most likeable actresses out there. Not only is she beautiful, but she is smart, funny, and not full of herself. Every time I see her interviewed, I think that she would make a really cool friend. (Gosh I'm so lame!)

It is because of all these things, that it shocked me so much to see her new look for an upcoming role in V for Vendetta. (I notice that this film is based on a graphic novel. Have any of you read it, and if so what’s it like?)

Anyhow, Natalie Portman has said that “it’s quite liberating to have no hair.” And I know what she means. I doubt that any of you know this, but I actually shaved my head in my senior year of high school. And it is very liberating. So while Natalie Portman may look strange at first, I know that she is loving her new hairdo deep down inside because I know I loved mine.
Personally, I like the new look. I've shaved my head twice, and liberation is definitely part of the package. The main motivator for me, however, was money. Waist length hair consumes huge amounts of shampoo, and I'm too crunchy to go cheap. Joe has mentioned the movie, but I don't know much about it yet.
Get OUT! You've shaved your head?! Meepers, you too? I've wanted to do that for several years now but never had the guts to do so. You two are my new hair heroes.

I read an article awhile back about an actress who let all her grandkids shave her head when she turned 60. I think that'll be me.
I have to admit I like the look - very striking and definitely makes her stand out from the crowd. Excellent all round. Granted, she's Natalie Portman and doesn't really need much help doing that, but I am a fan of the new look anyway.

I'm facing the prospect of shaving my head very soon - I have inherited my father's hair genes and at 26 I am now facing a pretty severely receding hairline. I think I'm fast approaching the point where I just need to give it up and start cutting my hair short, or I'm going to end up looking like a young, Scottish John Lithgow (yeah, my hair has gone like his, just with a little more at the front....Picard city, here I come! ;-)
"V for Vendetta" was a comic series whose titular character, V, is an anarchist who wears a mask that is a likeness of Guy Fawkes and commits what are regarded as terrorist acts against a near-future tyrannical British government. Whew, that's a mouthful! Anyway, it is very well written and the art is magnificent. Check it out!
This may not be the most, how shall I say...gentle...ways to put this (and heck if its in bad taste, then its par for my course) but "gack" pretty much describes how straight men in general seem to respond to a woman shaving her head. I was still a very attractive 20-year-old when I did it the first time, Natalie Portman is still very beautiful without much hair, and I'm sure Wendy was too. Now, Darrell, I'm not thinking you should PREFER your wife that way. But I tend to think that its a fairly chauvanist reaction to maintain that women look better with long hair, or if that's too much trouble, short, styled hair.

The only more offensive reaction I received with super-short hair were the pitifully apologetic stares I got, as if I had survived cancer or something.
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(I guess my point is that, Darrell, if you go bald and decide to shave your head to save face, your wife is not going to say "gack").
Actually Meepers, I hate it when Darrell shaves his head.

But honestly when my head was shaved I loved it. But I was often thought to be a boy by old people which kinda was unsettling.

My parents hated that I shaved my head since I did it behind their backs. Ha ha. My friends thought it was gutsy, and would rub my head for good luck before finals. It was kinda weird.

However, I didn't like the in between phase of shaved head and long hair. That was awful.

I seriously wonder why more men don't shave their heads. I mean, if your hair is fairly short to begin with, why not just go the rest of the way and shave it? A few guys at my work are balding and shave their heads (not completely to the skin, but pretty darn close) and I think it looks very good and easy as heck to maintain.
I'm so out of it that I didn't even know it was a fad with women.

Anyway, I think it's a striking look. But you have to have a well-shaped head for it to look good & this goes for men & women.
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