Sunday, May 15, 2005
  Impromtu Blog Party!

Hey! The mood struck, and I felt like having a impromtu blog party. I having been craving a blog party, so here goes.

Topic is:

Who is your favorite actor/actress, and what is your favorite of their films?

Mine is:
Steve Buscemi, Reservoir Dogs

I look forward to reading what you guys have to say!
Excellent! And difficult...I'll tackle this one tomorrow night, once I've narrowed it down to at least two....
Wendy says this is an "impromtu" blog party, so no post is necessary, just a comment... Therefore, Clint Eastwood as William Munny in Unforgiven.
Gotta go with Vincent Price in The Tingler. As in many movies, but especially this one, Price made the movie.
Hey, I just wanted to make sure that everyone checked out Meepers list because she put a lot of work into it! Click here to read it.
Hey, no wonder. I didn't know that "Impromtu" meant just a comment. I always wonder about these things. But hey, I have no problem talking about John Cusack in a sickly adoring way, so just give me an excuse.
And the award goes to...a tie! Val Kilmer, True Romance and Ed Harris, The Abyss. Oh, we have a runner up! Brad Pitt, Fight Club...but what about William Fichtner, Contact...? Grr argh! I tried, I really tried. But those are actors who performances I consistently enjoy and I really couldn't choose just one. Sorry, Wendy!
Antonio Banderas in The13th Warrior. Not only was his performance very cool, but when he made the movie, he was at superstar status, but instead of being a primadona, he actually stars in this movie where he is not the main character or ultimate hero of the piece. Most actors these days would demand the script be altered to make them the main hero, but Banderas shows class by being part of an ensemble and not hogging the limelight.
13th Warrior was good, but Desperado will always be my favorite Banderas movie. "Deed I thahnk you yet?" Once Upon A Time in Mexico was such a disappointment by comparision, even with Depp.

Arghh--Depp! Is it too late to change my answers?
Edward Norton - Fight Club.
Excellent choice, Dan!
I love Desparado, but he's the star there and it focuses on him. I was just so impressed by his ego-lessness in 13th Warrior. I just saw that he's doing a follow-up to Mask of Zorro for this summer -- I'll be there.
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