Wednesday, April 13, 2005
  film geeks Rating System Redux

We're still combing through the wreckage in the Yahoo! caches (thanks again, Lucas) and trying to salvage things that should be reposted. One of the things we lost was Wendy's expansive essay about the failures of the Jack Valenti's MPAA Ratings System. It's an exhaustively researched essay, and you can read it here. We also lost our own film review ratings key. It's been saved, and is as follows:

Hello, and welcome to Film Geeks, where Wendy and Darrell will post our thoughts about movies we see whenever the mood strikes us to do so.

We'll rate films on a zero to five rating system. Here are what the ratings mean, and some example films:

A movie with no redeeming qualities at all.
Wendy's Examples:...Lord of Illusions ... The Relic
Darrell's Examples:...Independence Day ... Godzilla

A movie that was crappy, but not so awful that the viewer leaves the theater actually angry.
Wendy's Examples:...Scooby Doo ... You've Got Mail
Darrell's Examples:...Men In Black II ... City of Angels

Nothing to write home about. Not terrible, but wouldn't recommend.
Wendy's Examples:...Almost Famous ... Jacob's Ladder
Darrell's Examples:...The Ring ... A Mighty Wind

An adequate film. Nothing life-changing, but worth renting.
Wendy's Examples:...Ride With The Devil ... Meet The Parents
Darrell's Examples:...Daredevil ... Mystic River

Would recommend. An enjoyable film worth seeing in a theater.
Wendy's Examples:...Minority Report ... Love & Sex
Darrell's Examples:...Hulk ... Memento

Masterpiece. See it in the theater. Many times. Mark the calendar to track it's DVD release, and be in line to buy it when the stores open.
Wendy's Examples:...Reservoir Dogs ... The Color Purple
Darrell's Examples:...Saving Private Ryan ... Babe
Definitely a lot of agree and disagree over your rating system. However, it is yours, so as long as it works for you... :-)
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